Analog and Digital Piece, Description of Process

  1.  This was my first moodboard, included here are colors and buildings I wanted to use. I also had examples of the style I wanted to draw the piece in.
  2.  This is the original street drawing that I wanted to input the buildings I chose into them. I mapped the perspective out for the original, then altered the perspective of the buildings I chose and applied it into this grid.
  3.  This is proof of my analog work and a description of what I did. This is my final piece.

I struggled with Illustrator because the pen tool never did what I wanted to do. My original idea was to have the final output be analog and for me to have done all the sketches in illustrator. I was going to trace it and end up with an analog piece but while tracing I kept smudging it and not drawing the lines straight so I ditched that idea and opted to work in Illustrator for my final piece. I had fun picking which brush I was going to use. I have pictures of it in the gallery above.


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  1. Daina · December 4, 2017 Reply

    Elliot – It looks like you did have fun with some of the brushes in Illustrator. Nice job in laying out your process.

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