Chinatown- Bridge 4

Strumming singing strings

Ecchoing voices belting

Softly chirping birds

Slap, sizzle, crackle, pop, block

Scraping wood, The knife hits

A divine display

Kung hei fat choi m goi

Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni

Ten dollars for you friend

Boisterous market

The honeyed taste fills your mouth

Sweet and saccharine

Hushed voices echo

through the narrow gilded streets

A home for many

Humming lights reflect

off the puddles in the streets

A ripple interrupts


Heaviness envelopes

It’s smooth face boiling up

Ready to yell any time

Rushing of air spins

the petals vibrant colors

whisper as they move

Faint conversation is

a velvety sound of thumbs

run over the pink skin

Tiny bodies cry

Nobody cares to listen

Desperately needs


Fingers pointed at

round belly round face and round smiles

makes joyful voices

Sad shaking echoes

Through Cold rustling fingers

They are never gone


The process of going into Chinatown to gather sounds and take photographs was deeply important to how our project came together. We found Chinatown was constantly changing around us, we wouldn’t get one sound bite similar to another so we had to adapt our ideas with the changing environment. We found that the more sounds we recorded and listened to, the more we noticed about the environment around us. Little things started to stand out more and gave us new perspective on a place we thought we already knew. In New York we find ourselves constantly trying to shut out the noise, whether it’s the sound outside your apartment window or putting in your headphones while walking down the street, we mostly try to ignore it. So when we actually had to notice the sounds and document them it changed how we were experiencing our surroundings. Another thing we noticed was the difference in sound and atmosphere when we visited during the day and then again at night. Once we noticed that difference we knew we needed to incorporate that change in our project with contrasting night vs day images and corresponding haikus.

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