Final LP Upload

  1. This was my initial moodboard for the Expansion into Space project. I drew inspiration from the old movie “Trip to the Moon” and the iconic imagery. For the color scheme, I stuck to my favorite: black white and red (blue was optional).

2. This was 3/4 into my process. I decided to take a vintage photograph and photoshop it to make it look like it was on the moon. I had a lot of fun because I love photoshop and the problem solving that comes along with it. I had drawn the perspective for “MOON” and scanned and traced it in for the perspective portion of the project. I then printed it and cut out the letters. I found photos to collage underneath it, scanned it back in, and worked from there to get the final analog + digital product.

3. This was my final piece. I also made a back for the postcard and am going to write a message on it, (also another analog aspect). (The pattern is in the stars and the perspective is in the letters)


I had difficulty deciding what path to take for my project. All I had was the idea to include something about “Trip to the Moon.” Thankfully, when I presented my process point to the class, they gave me a lot of good ideas as well as a direction. I had a lot of fun working on it because photoshop is my favorite program to work with, even though I’m not an expert.


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