Project Deconstruction: Bust

Goal: to look back on a project and consider in detail why and how your project was made, less as the maker and more as someone researching how it was made. Consider all the outside stimulus that may have influenced this project.


The project was in my sculpture class, the focus of which was the body. This project had a simple prompt- head, and we had to create a sculpture responding to it. This was one of the first projects we did in the class, so I think our professor wanted us to get comfortable creating in the 3d realm and to build our skills for further, more advanced, projects.

I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for inspiration after being assigned the “Head” prompt. While I was there, I fell in love with the sculpture- “Fragmentary Colossal Head of a Youth”. That inspired me to create a bust resembling it.

In my work, I like to play with juxtapositions of medium vs. content. I think it makes it fun, so I had the idea to create this bust, but out of foam. Marble lasts for thousands of years, but foam erodes and oxidizes quickly, so creating this classical bust out of a material that is the complete opposite attracted me.

This was my maquette for the final piece.

I’ve never made a subtractive sculpture before and I struggled a lot. Along with my lack of skull, foam itself is extremely difficult to carve. I sketched the design out from a reference, and the tried my best to recreate it.

This was my final piece. I discovered that, although sculpture doesn’t come naturally to me like other mediums, I really enjoy the challenge. This project inspired me to work in the 3d realm more often.


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