Bridge II Final Reflection

Create a new LP post and title it: Bridge II – Final Reflection 

Post your final 2 diptychs and write a paragraph answering the following questions:

  1. What is your topic and how has it evolved/changed after all the diptychs you’ve created? 
  2. What materials did you explore that were the most successful at supporting your topic? 
  3. What materials did you explore that failed to support your topic or were not very good and supporting the content?

Write a new paragraph explaining what different contexts (history, politics, fashion, art, economics, environment, etc.) your topic is apart of.

My primary topic was gender identity. I experimented with that topic through different mediums, but my most successful pieces were my sculptures and abstracted figures. After the diptychs, I noticed that I explored negative emotions associated with gender and dysphoria, and my imagery tended to be darker. The material that was most successful was a gendered object, underwear. This was successful because it is directly related to my topic (gender) as a gendered object. My least successful medium was probably my abstract pen drawings because it did not communicate my theme well. This, along with my work in seminar, leads me to want to explore how society imposes gender on people, objects, and activities.


My topic is a part of most contexts because everything is gendered. However, what I want to focus on the most is the context of fashion. Clothing is often gendered so I think it would be interesting to examine that through my lens of dysphoria. It also fits into the political context because my work seems highly political and challenging socially.

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