Bridge 4: Refining Research

Your Name: Elliot Bohlen


Bridge 4: Connections


What is the specific Research Issue or Question on which you reflected and, therefore, that is expressed via and contextualized in your Visual Essay Collage?

gendered objects


Select the 4 most important symbols in your Collage. Briefly explain the meaning of each one AND how it relates to your specific Research Issue/Question:

  1. Cars – cars are one of the most gendered (masculine) objects.
  2. Journal observation – the observations I used for my collage addressed gender as a construct
  3. Makeup – makeup is a highly gendered object
  4. Page from surgery book about genitalia – genitalia is extremely gendered


Review the Abstract for your Visual Essay Collage. Identify the 4 most important terms AND the single-most important sentence. List those here:

  1. gendered objects
  2. gender binary
  3. perception
  4. consumption

It would be beneficial to not have gender roles forced upon society through consumption.



Reviewing your Library Exploration I and II research findings, list the titles of the 4 most relevant sources you have found. For each source, specify whether it is a primary or secondary source AND its type (e.g., journal article, book chapter, archive material, newspaper, etc.). IMPORTANT NOTE: Bring hard copies of each of these sources to class on Friday, 13 April:


  1. “The Social Construction and Socialization of Gender During Development.” primary? Book chapter
  2. Gender Issues in Advertising Language. Secondary. Article
  3. Dress Codes: Meanings and Messages in American Culture. secondary. Book
  4. .Constructions of Gender through Fashion and Dressing. secondary. article.


Given how you currently understand your Research Issue, compose 3 specific questions that you would need to address to explain and understand your Research Issue. These questions should all directly connect to the specific focus of your Final Research Paper. Thus, for each question, find a way to be as specific as possible about what in particular you must understand about your topic. These questions should narrow the scope of your topic. Note your questions here:


  1. How is gender constructed in childhood?

2.How does society enforce the gender binary?

  1. What role does consumerism play in gender roles?


Given how you understand the scope of your Research Issue, describe in 2 to 3 complete sentences the environment in which your Research Issue resides. In other words, clearly situate the WHO and WHERE of your analysis for your Final Research Paper.

My research issue resides in a worldwide context, because almost everyone is affected by this. However, the most specific area I am going to be addressing is how the gender binary is formed and reinforced by society in the USA.

Explain in 2 to 3 complete sentences how that environment in particular is both appropriate and important for understanding your Research Issue.

This is appropriate because my sources address this issue in the US. Gender roles are different worldwide so that is why I am focusing on the US.

Describe in 2 to 3 complete sentences the audience (the reader) for your Final Research Paper. In other words, whom do you imagine would or should want to read this paper? Who would or should be interested in this issue?

People who are interested in gender studies, psychology, and/or advertising should be interested in this paper. My paper will address all of these topics.


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