Final Studio Project Proposal IS2


  • Write a paragraph explaining what is working with your mock-up/prototype and what is not working. Explain what you will do to fix what is not working. Include any feedback you received that was helpful from your classmates.
  • If your project is morphing/changing, explain the direction you are going in now.

I am going to do a video piece because it’s an area I want to grow stronger in. I want to do an abstract piece as opposed to being strictly narrative. I want to be deconstructing/destroying gendered objects and imagery. This ties in with my seminar research paper because they are both based on how gender is constructed and reinforced commercially (products).My weakness right now is that I don’t have a very solid idea, so I need to work on that further. I want to focus on nylon tights because that is a very strong image and symbol, I was inspired by Internal 1 at the Whitney. I talked to my classmates about more gendered objects I could focus on, and the list is pictured.


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