Summer Film Production Internship- Celeste Sena

This summer, I was given the amazing opportunity to work in the Film Department at JuVee Productions for 8 weeks in Los Angeles. JuVee is a production company known for producing ground-breaking and award-winning films and television shows. I believed that this internship would afford me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and learn as much as I could about the entertainment industry in LA, from the ground up. And since I was also interested in learning all I could about being a businesswoman in this field and ways to lead a team of creative professionals, I knew that an internship with JuVee Productions would be an excellent opportunity to enhance my leadership and problem solving skills.

Working for JuVee has truly been a fruitful experience for me. Though I’ve been challenged in more ways than I ever thought, it has lead me closer to finding my purpose in this vast industry. 

When I arrived at JuVee, I was the last intern to finally start working there. To be honest, before I started,  I had been struggling with feelings of inadequacy. I felt like I was not skilled enough to successfully complete a job like this one. I questioned if I even had the talent to be as excellent an artist as I desired to be. My problem was that I strove for perfection. For some reason my ideal life as an artist, meant leaving no room for mistakes and growth. This in turn, stirred up feelings of worry, doubt and sadness within me. I wondered if I’d be comfortable in the working environment , if I would like my co-workers, and if I would be able to keep up with the assignments being thrown at me. I even remember calling my mother in a panic on the first day. 

But, once I stepped foot in the door, the team at JuVee welcomed me with open arms. I was put at complete ease, after that. My supervisor took me on a tour of the whole office, where I was introduced to the entire team. Moments later, I was asked to sit in on a conference meeting with the film department executive and some of the clients who would help develop their next project. This took me by surprise because it was only my first day, but here I was being thrown right into all the fun. Sitting in that meeting was an important moment for me, though. It made me realize how much I want to be in the room where the decisions are being made, how much I want to be involved in choosing the stories that will be represented on screen and stage. 

I went home that day, fully inspired and aware of the priceless knowledge that I would receive at JuVee, during the rest of my weeks with them.  

Even after one week, I learned an incredible amount about how to professionally cover a script, how films and television shows get developed differently and how many contracts need to be arranged before a project reaches the production stage. As interns, we were also encouraged to always speak our minds and ask questions about anything we didn’t know. 

What I love most about JuVee is that they are visionaries. Since day one, they have committed to telling diverse stories that inspire new ways of thinking and challenge the status quo using various mediums. It has been amazing to witness the passion and dedication for storytelling that is apparent in each and every staff member. It has made me feel like the work I am doing as an intern really matters, like I am part of a family.

I thank Eugene Lang Opportunity Award for gifting me the funds to live in LA for the summer, the phenomenal team at JuVee for the invaluable knowledge I have received and my family for their undying support and love. 

This has truly been the summer of a lifetime. 

  Beautiful LA palm trees 

Me on my first day of work


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