If dictatorships are introduced when the constitution is extrajudicially suspended, what happens when it is the dictator who installs the constitution by which the so-called democratic governments rule? The constitution has normativized a state of exception in a democracy that has stood as but a promise messianistically yet to come. When announcing the return of a democracy that has never arrived and the end of a dictatorship that has never been finished with, the state keeps on moving by leaving the pasado pisado, by leaving it behind, stamped in the Past.

Play performed at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. 


I began writing about and translating Once Upon a Time 571 Days of a Political Prisoner, a play written performed for the first time by political prisoners at Ritoque, the concentration camp in which they were being held captive. I contacted the actors who formed a theatre collective called La Escotilla to ask for permission to work with their play. After a few conversations, Manuel Paredes Parod, one of the actors and poet of the play, invited me to stay in his house, where i had the chance to interview him a few months before he passed away, as he was suffering from cancer. It was not too long after Manuel’s dead that high school students jumped the turnstile, mobilizing a revolution that the dictator Sebastian Piñera has sought to repress. It was precisely in the subway were the first torture center installed by his regime was found. Motivated by the students in the colonial state of Chile, a mass of protesters where i submerged myself in NYC decided to jump the turnstiles, which took place in the context of the first FTP protest. Many have been arrested for protesting, i am currently facing 13 charges. This was on a Friday. On Saturday, just like every other Saturday since 18/10, there was a protest in Union Square organized by ex political prisoners and other activist who formed the artistic Matapaco Collective of which i am part. Due to imigration issues, the collective was renamed 18/10.

What is Chile? at Teachers College Columbia University

Video shown for The Stenght of Those Who Fight at The People’s Forum


Panflet for Silent Protest in Times Square


Un Violador en tu Camino in NYC


The following images are sketches for the characters of a music video taht is yet to trace the ongoing colonial violences by thinking about the inquisitorial practices of the dictatorship of Piñera.


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