Screenwriting Opportunity – Hannah Clark


I planed to take the summer to write a full, completely edited screenplay. I have a complete outline and have done extensive research already to prepare. I will consult with a film studies teacher and also a screenwriter who lives in my area via phone call or zoom. They will help me throughout the process of writing my screenplay. Their guidance will be helpful in the course of my project. While I have written short plays and films in the past, this would be my first full-length project. I believe at this point in time I have the skills, ability, and the idea to accomplish it.  As someone who aspires to be a writer for film and television, this is an incredible opportunity and a big step towards my ultimate goal. I will begin writing in early June,  by August I plan to enter the editing phase and by the end of this summer, I plan to have a completed screenplay that I could submit to agents and present at the Dean’s Honors Symposium In the future, I would love to film this movie and submit it to film festivals so I can further share it with The New School Community.



Reflections on things I didn’t think I would have to consider:

  • Trying to figure out how to start a house fire and make it look like an accident without searching how to start a house fire and make it look like an accident so I don’t end up on some list.  
  • One of the more difficult things has been making sure that the small details of my script are realistic.  This includes if you google search a law firm, what are common ways they are listed in searches and other weird little things.
  • Coming up with character names that aren’t also the name of a real famous person.  For example, I had used the name James Taylor until someone pointed out that is a famous musician. 

Keeping a consistent tone but also adding enough humor that it’s not just a super depressing screenplay is also a difficult thing to maintain.


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