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Kiara Walker (They/Them), Global Studies, Minors: Race & Ethnicity, Migration Studies This is a picture of me in the the center of Amsterdam standing in front of a canal with some buildings in the background.
Instagram: @Naturally_Kiara
Study Abroad

Project Description
During the spring 2023 semester I participated in a direct exchange with the University of Amsterdam at the honors college, Amsterdam University College.

What Form will your Final Project Take?
Study Abroad

Who was supporting you in with work?
Chris McElderry, Student Success Advisor

How has this project has been impactful or transformative — for you personally or for those this work has impacted:
Having the opportunity to be educated outside of the United States has really helped me enhance my perspective on global injustices, diasporas and histories. Thanks to my time at this university I was able to learn how to apply better intersectional and decolonial practices to my future research and how to further challenge hegemonic western philosophies. Additionally, having the chance to live in Amsterdam for six months truly allowed me to further explore the implications of being black in the Netherlands while also gaining a critical understanding of Dutch history and its connections to colonialism, slavery and more personally New York City.

What would you do differently? How would you advise a student who is going to do something similar?
Remember that this is YOUR exchange, which means that it is unique to you so whether you decide to go on trips each weekend or explore neighboring cities in the country every once in a while this is entirely fine because exchange is what you make of it.

This is a picture of me and six other of my closest friends that I have made while on exchange in Amsterdam. In this photo we are in Copenhagen during spring break having a seat in the sun. This is a picture of me and two other friends, who are also on exchange at a park in Amsterdam.

Short summary
I spent six months in the Netherlands doing a direct exchange at the University of Amsterdam where I took five courses related to my major in Global studies.

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