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CeCe Parks (she/her), Journalism+Design ’25 This is a picture of myself in my hometown, in California, the day that I got my internship. I was really excited and I went to the beach to celebrate with my friend. I got it during the summer, right before I left and went back to New York.
Unpaid Internship Grant

Company: Wedding Salon

Internship Description Description
I helped the founder of Wedding Salon edit her “how-to” book and begin the publishing process on Amazon. I also aided other intern teams by completing call lists for events and rewriting correspondences/invitations to events.

How has this project has been impactful or transformative — for you personally or for those this work has impacted:
It was my first time writing in a professional setting, so there were many occasions when I was out of my comfort zone and wasn’t sure what to do. However, when I felt like this, I learned that asking for help from my peers or my boss was the best thing I can do, even if it means admitting that I’m uncertain or unprepared.

What would you do differently? How would you advise a student who is going to do something similar?
I think that I would communicate more with my peers/other interns because they were all students and more or less in the same boat as me. Since the internship was remote I definitely had more trouble reaching out to them.

This is a picture of the cover of the book I was working on for my internship. The photo is of my boss, who is also the founder of Wedding Salon and is very accomplished in the field of organizing events. The book explains how to plan a wedding with lost of details and tricks.

Short summary
My experience throughout my internship at Wedding Salon was very informative and beneficial for my work experience. It taught me a lot about the professional world and about how small companies run. I learned the importance of communication and teamwork as well as persistence and clarity. I was working by myself on editing my boss’s book, but I still had to take accountability for my place on the Wedding Salon intern team, so I had to pitch in and help other interns with their protocols.

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