Melville Spring Intern | Pia Mulleady | Literary Studies

Pia Mulleady (she/her), Literary Studies ’23Photograph of me, wearing a white shirt and black blazer. Plain white background.
Unpaid Internship Grant

Company: Melville House Publishing

Internship Description Description
I worked at Melville House Publishing for 3 days a week, providing assistance to both the Publicity and Editorial teams.

Who was supporting you in your work? How did you work with them? I applied for the internship on my own.

How has this project has been impactful or transformative — for you personally or for those this work has impacted:
I worked a lot with the editorial department on copyediting and slugging and realized that I am definitely meant to work in a different department in publishing.

What would you do differently? How would you advise a student who is going to do something similar?
Make sure to keep your mind open when applying for internships, general internships within big companies help you see every side of the work that happens there.

Short summary
I worked with publishing books, in both the publicity and editorial department.

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