Internship | Anna Montagner | Literary Studies

Anna Montagner (she/her), Literary Studies ’23A picture of Anna Montagner. She wears a black shirt and has long blond hair.
Unpaid Internship Grant

Company: V Magazine

Type of work: Editorial Writing

Internship Description:
I was an Editorial Inter at V Magazine. I contributed to the digital magazine, as well as V’s VMan and Mini V. This internship allowed me to learn more about the research process that goes into a print magazine. I also wrote a piece for the V print issue and saw my work published on paper for the first time.

Who was supporting you in your work? How did you work with them? Jenna Campolieta. Jenna helped me and supported me throughout the internship, offering me career advice and inviting me to reflect on my experience.

How has this project has been impactful or transformative — for you personally or for those this work has impacted:
During Spring Break, I was assigned an interview to conduct over Zoom by myself. At the time, I was out of the country and was afraid of not having a good connection, or that something would go wrong. Mostly, I was scared of being on the call by myself with the talent and wanted a backup just in case something went wrong. I shared my concerns with my editor and he was extremely supportive. He gave me the support I needed and ultimately boosted my confidence, showing me his trust. In the end, everything went smoothly. Never before have I been thanked for my work as much as it happened at V–everyone seemed to be always so grateful for the work I was doing.

What would you do differently? How would you advise a student who is going to do something similar?
If I were to take this internship again, I would make sure I ask for what I want. In the past few months, I learned that the worse that could happen is getting a “no” for an answer. I asked my editor to interview one of my favorite artists. I was afraid of getting a rejection but instead, I got a positive answer. I was shown my colleagues and supervisor’s trust in my abilities, and I was able to do the interview a few weeks later.

A screenshot of an article about Telfar Clemens on V Magazine. There is a picture of five modern wearing Telfar's latest collection at the bottom of the picture.

Short summary
My Editorial Internship at V Magazine marks my third time working for a magazine. I have previously interned at L’OFFICIEL Magazine and PAPER Magazine, yet V has been so far the best experience. I am proud to say that there are a variety of accomplishments that I have reached during my time at V Magazine. Similarly, I walk away with improved skills, such as my time management skills. On top of being an Editorial Intern, I am also a full-time student, a Resident Advisor, and an intern at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. There has been a lot to juggle this semester, so I had to learn how to choose and prioritize some tasks over others. Yet, it made me take my passions seriously and helped me understand what I want to dedicate my time to.

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