Bridge 1: Memoir

My memory revolves around the relationship between my brother and I, more specifically the shift that takes place after a seizure. To represent my memory, I created one lined sculptures. By being made out of one piece of wire, the three separate sculptures reflect how they all relate to one another. I began by using malleable wire to form the one lined sculptures. I made an angry expression for one mask, while the other had its eyes closed and looked calm. The fire is a physical representation of the bond that was ignited in the memory. I used paper clay to cover the wire, then painted each one with acrylics. I decided on a bright red for the mask that symbolized the chaos of the memory, because the color is known to grab attention and represent anger. I chose a periwinkle blue for the other mask because the color soothes the eye when looked at, and parallels to the peaceful expression I sculpted. I decided the fire would have multicolor flames, shifting from red to orange to yellow. The changing colors act as a symbol for the shift in the dynamic between my brother and me. I photographed them on a black backdrop, making them stand out, because I wanted the masks to be the main focal point.

The red mask represents the chaos.



The blue mask represents the “calm after the storm”.

The flame, representing the bond that was ignited that night.

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