Bridge 5: Who am I?

For the tarot card bridge project, I decided to make “The Thinker” card. It embodies how I tend to be more of an analytical person, rather than spontaneous. I tend to think things through very thoroughly before executing an idea, yet the way I do so isn’t in a chronological process. To represent my unique train of thought I decided to make my own version of the famous sculpture, “The Thinker” by Auguste Rodin. I made an outline of a box to hint at the well known phrase, “thinking outside of the box”. I partly drew the sculpture inside the box to show how the boundaries do not confine my ideas. I chose a light blue watercolor background the emphasis the difference between the stone structure of the figure compared to the organic shapes of the paint. I chose the font of the text because it ties into my previous bridge project and although I am continuing to learn, I still remember my past experiences. The corners are the only frame because I wanted to suggest the presence of one, but allow the viewer to see how a border cannot restrict thought.

Tarot Card

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