Week 10: Outline


General information about Botticelli’s piece Birth of Venus, like when it was made and where and medium. Continue with how it has become a very famous piece of art and conclude paragraph with thesis – Birth of Venus, painted by Sandro Botticelli, is a well known work of art that is frequently referenced in visual culture today. Botticelli’s choice of style and pose heavily contribute to the work’s modern success.

How it was received when it came out, persists in culture today, claim — so persistent bc of qualities , indicating case studies show how

Body Paragraph 1: original reception of painting

Background info describe the painting’s physical appearance and techniques used. Then how overlooked when it was first created, world war 2 art heist, Walter Pater’s review and how that and others changed the way people looked at the piece. how it began to become well known, travel in different art shows. Basically describe the timeline of how it rose to fame. Beginning with how it was received when it first was made compared to now.


Body Paragraph 2:

Write about a specific example of a modern take on the painting Case 1: Lady Gaga’s multiple pieces (album cover, shirt, music video reference), why she chose to use Venus, was she conveying her femininity, or rebelling against what Venus stands for- irony. Compare the stylistic choices (pose, color, symbolism) used in the modern interpretation that stay true to Botticelli’s work (try to prove how the style has continued on, although maybe the meaning has changed?) Use quotations from the creator of Gaga’s album and interviews he talked in mentioning why he chose certain aspects of Renaissance art.


Body Paragraph 3:

Case 2: ELLE Brazil, featuring an openly transgender model, Lea T to portray Venus on the cover. The magazine recreated the piece in December 2017. Lea portraying the goddess puts a new spin on femininity. This image breaks the old standard of beauty, yet references a historical painting that captures an innocence to the female. Include how the original is not as “sensual” as the modern take. Compare and contrast the two images. Overall the meaning has changed with the new interpretation, but the style (pose, shell, flowers, long hair) stay the same because they are signatory to the original.


Possibly Paragraph 4:

Book with body politic with Venus from painting on cover, simonetta as a reference, the painting is viewed as a body standard, and there are varying standpoints, some that love and use Venus as a symbol of femininity, while others go against it and mock the image and create versions to make critique the image.



Summarize main points made in the body paragraphs (? or is that too repetitive). State “main point”, >  to prove the style of Botticelli’s piece is iconic, and modern works referencing him don’t stray far from the original composition, whether it be in color choice, pose, medium, size or subjects (as in female representing Venus, the two winds, and the divinitie).

Start with criticism but still present

Qualities missed by critics


Why it continues to be strong image – painting legitimacy

What about painting makes it still prevalent today, newborn innocence, why appealing now (area for further studies or my opinion) nostalgic, critic of world of women now,



Where would I mention the John Berger article about advertising and how viewers gain a trust from seeing older images, now that my thesis seems to focus more on the meaning of the piece and how it evolved, rather than why the work is a success , should I continue with the new idea, or switch back to the old idea

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