Bridge 4: Instagram Book

After hearing insight from my bridge 3, a physical book, that I was disregarding the fact that the meaning could have shifted in iterations done throughout centuries, I wrote my first draft, still sticking with my initial thesis about how the iterations keep in line with Botticelli’s original style. I reread my draft and realized that my research proved more so how the meaning in the specific case studies I provided has changed over time. I decided to change my thesis to fit with my research which inspired the direction I took for the instagram book.

For bridge 4, I was assigned to further my research I did in seminar class and translate what I learned using image and text. For the aesthetic theme I decided to have the page look like the original, cover images and profile pictures all capturing detail of Botticelli’s piece. To include my original book (bridge 3), I created “story highlights” at the top of my page. There are three sections, “timeless” referring to the original detail pages, “praise” which is the selection of quotations I used that describe the original painting, and “ever changing” that include close up details of multiple iterations of Botticelli’s Venus. I decided to try and convey the timelessness of the painting, yet a constant changing that occurs has time goes on. For the feed, I decided on 15 posts, half being spacer posts with close up details of the original, and the others being posts showing how I expanded my research. The research posts all include a cover image, of a close up of the original, next is a quotation from either a source or my research paper that explains a different iteration of the piece and its intended meaning, then ends with the iteration mentioned in the previous slide. The swiping action is intended to let the viewer have control of how the timeline works. I also included video clips of an iteration of Botticelli’s piece done by Lady Gaga in her music video “Applause”, something that couldn’t have been done in the physical book form. The physical and digital book are very coherent with one another, following the same color palette, text style and overall format, but convey different messages.

Instagram Profile

Overview of posts

Examples of the story highlights for each section

Example of a research post

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