Core Seminar 4D: Character Model Sheet/Style Frame

I am exploring the idea of privilege through my animation, through the lens of how people are living during COVID 19 and quarantine. These characters will appear throughout my animation, doing simple actions side by side. They are agender figures that represent humans. The colors will indicate their status in society, as I am comparing those who live “comfortably” versus lower income communities. In my animation, I will have two scenes playing side by side throughout the whole thing, the side with the red figures represent the privileged and the blue are the less privileged.

Below are my style frames, the first being simple line art with the destinations lying in the color of line, the second is a more detailed approach, including backgrounds that make the subjects stand out. I am unsure whether I will have enough time to color block all the frames so I am starting with simple line work, and will move towards color if I deem it fit.

I chose a simpler style and color scheme because I don’t want it to distract from the important content I am drawing. My animation is theme heavy so I’d rather communicate the message than focus on detail and realistic portrayal. I also want the characters to be amorphous representations of humans so I am not gendering or labelling any of the scenes I include.

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