Core Studio 3D: Documenting 3D Objects

For this assignment I chose to photograph my glasses. I created a backdrop with a large piece of drawing pad paper. Depending on natural light, I took the photos around noon, and tried playing with various angles before setting on these three that displayed rotation view. I have two different lens prescriptions and I’ve worn this pair for so many years that it was a challenge to create symmetrical images. The temples are askew and each lens magnifies the temple tips differently so when I tried to photograph them at eye level, the lens distortions made the compositions look less realistic. to solve that issue, I photographed the glasses from angles that didn’t show anything but negative space through the lens.

While editing it took many attempts to get a crisp bright background. Adjusting the curves allowed the background to look whiter, but also took away the fainter shadows that alluded to platform underneath. I wasn’t sure whether or not to completely take away the shadows and have the glasses be “floating in space”. It was difficult at first to figure out just how bright to adjust each photo and where to crop them. Ultimately, I decided to have the glasses be in the center of each composition. I really like how crisp each photo turned out, and the stark contrast between the black frames and white backdrop. I will definitely have to work on editing the backgrounds to be a uniform shade of a color when there is no other detail. 

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