Core Studio 3D: Demo A: Soft Sculpture

For the soft sculpture, I thought it would be a neat idea to translate my original star shaped character into a plush doll. I used the character model sheet I created from last semester as a reference. I was given a lot of scrap fabrics, mainly from dresses, that I wanted to utilize for this project. I started by trying to create a dark blue satin type doll, creating a pattern with lighter fabric, pinning the pieces together to cut out the shapes. I then tried to sew on sequins and beads to make a collar like structure on the front, a simpler version of the sash design I sketched. I attempted to backstitch the pieces together, but when I flipped it inside out, there was little limb definition as I realized the pieces I used were too small to create the arm parts. I stuffed excess fabric inside it anyway, and sewed it up creating a prototype doll first.

To make a better shaped version, I switched to a heavier/studier white fabric that I had more of, and decided to use mainly embroidery to add detail. I cut out the main body shapes again after drawing them on one piece. I was inspired by the blue character to add a base stitch outline to each side of the doll that resembles the outline of the characters when drawn. I added face details, a smile and blush, which differ from the animation characters, but I needed to sew on at least one object. I used two different sized buttons for the eyes so he would have the homemade nifty type feel. I then backstitched the pieces together inside out, and following the steps to the first doll, flipped him right side out and stuffed the form with excess fabric. I realized the body shape is really different than the reference, as his limbs are super tiny and are lower. I struggled to really match the seams together and create a sturdy seam, but I do like the imperfect look as it gives the feeling that he has been loved and really used. I would definitely love to invest in a sewing machine and create more tiny little character plushes, as I found the process of sewing and cutting fabric really relaxing.

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