Core Seminar 3D: Project Proposal

Project Information:

For my independent 3D Studio project, I will be focusing on creating smaller sewn accessory pieces with original designs. After looking back on past works, and discussing the importance of setting yourself apart from other illustrators, I wanted to create pieces inspired by my original character that I’ve used in many of my works. Limited to a 2D space, I’ve animated, drawn and painted this character in many assignments. I want to bring this character into the 3D realm, by creating 3 garments that are detailed with this character on them. I want to focus on how this character can impact the design and mood of a garment, depending on color, size, and position. 



My goal this semester is to explore mediums I’ve never used before, stepping out of my comfort zone, while also creating pieces that fall in line with my style and aesthetic. An artistic goal I’ve set for myself is to learn how to use a sewing machine, and create my own garments. I want to explore the more technical aspects of art making and the precision it takes to create functional and long lasting garments.  I also want to focus on how to create a cohesive body of work even though the items will all have different purposes. Color will be a crucial factor in creating a successful set of pieces, so a goal is to also become familiar with color theory and how to best pick colors for garments.


I’ve rounded up for materials, as the exact price depends where I source them from as well as how much I will need in case of errors as well.

  • Pattern making paper: $10
  • Fabrics, at least 4 different types (muslin, denim, cotton, knit, canvas): $80
  • Threads: $20
  • Fabric paint (multiple colors): $30



WEEK 2: Jan 24th – Jan 29th

  • Sketching many designs (of products and illustrations to be on them)
  • choosing color palettes fabrics, threads, and products to create
  • Making list of where to buy/source materials

WEEK 3: Jan 30th – Feb 5th

  • Choosing 3 products to create
  • Assembling prototypes, (paper/digital)
  • creating patterns
  • Finalizing designs that will be embroidered, printed, painted onto items


WEEK 4: Feb 6th – Feb 12th

  • Create project 1: sewing, embroidery or fabric painting 


WEEK 5: Feb 13th – Feb 19th

  • Create project 2: sewing, embroidery or fabric painting


WEEK 6: Feb 20th – 26th

  • Create project 3: sewing, embroidery or fabric painting


WEEK 7: Feb 27th – March 5th

  • Photograph all projects, separately or together and create editorial type display of them
  • Upload to learning portfolio by 3/5

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