Core Seminar 3D: Project Proposal

After doing a lot of 3d projects over the course of this half of the semester, I really began appreciating architectural sculptures, and the functionality of them as well as their aesthetic appeal. I  recently stumbled upon a few different posts on Instagram of cube furniture. I absolutely love the shape of a cube and the idea that different sized cubes can function as different types of furniture, (ei. Tables, chairs, display cases). I would love to create a series of different sized cubes in warm colors that I can photograph and place in various areas and rooms to serve different purposes. When I proposed this to class, Emily Ann also suggested it could become an installation piece, where the transportation could also be apart of the art. I also like the idea that this project can serve a purpose beyond the classroom, and I can put them in any room I live in and use them as decor or furniture. I would most likely use acrylic sheets, and possibly a wood cube base so they are sturdier, to create the cube shapes. In the beginning of the semester, I would want to create small prototypes and choose the specific colors/acrylic which I feel would take only a week or so. Then I would like to have a set of 3-5 cubes done by the middle of the semester. I’d love to do research on what the colors of each cube can represent and put them in that context or relate the scene to it somehow, or juxtapose meaning and color. I’d want to dedicate most of the semester to photographing them at various locations with other props as well.

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