Core Studio 3D: Demo C: Virtual Toy with AR Filter

For this project I really felt like I should experiment with the digital demo, as I opted for physical pieces the entire semester (and did not have access to the materials for A/B…). I thought it would be really neat to incorporate my own style and trademark designs into a mask, so that it aligns with most of my portfolio work. In the past, I’ve drawn bowling pin/raindrop shaped abstract fish in intricate landscapes and more recently mermaids. I was inspired by those shapes, and my Mermay posts to create an abstract fish/mermaid filter. I believe the rounded shapes that can flow in any direction would work nicely with any face shape. I’ve always been drawn to warmer tones, with a complimentary color, so I chose to make the fish bright pink, red and orange. They stand out against the aqua shape of the mermaid that curves between the eyes and over the bridge of the nose.


When drawing in photoshop, I did not have access to a tablet, and improvised by making my iPad’s screen a second monitor to my laptop so I could use the pencil to have more control over the fish shapes. It was really laggy, but after a while I got the hang of it and really tried to sharpen and smooth out the teardrop shapes.


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