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I really struggled to find interests or objects that I loved but others found “gross” or ugly, and the one I kept going back to was earth worms. A lot of my friends think they are slimy and weird, but ever since I was a kid I loved to play with them and “save them”. I’d dig them up and let them crawl around in my hands, and to this day I still don’t like to go fishing because worms are most often used as bait. When I did go fishing with my family, my dad would always let me dump out the worms left over when we were finished, and I would cry when my dad would put them on fish hooks. I have a distinct memory from when I was in elementary school and my mom brought me to the track when it was rainy and as she walked laps, I went around picking up the worms off the lanes and putting them back into the grassy areas because I didn’t want people to step on them. I just find their appearance so harmless and cute, and they also help the planet by composting soil. To really emphasis their importance, I decided to make a mock up movie poster, that advertises the feature film about worms. The animated action movie would document how it is up to the earth worms to save Earth from total destruction, highlighting their positive impacts and innocent nature. I was inspired by Adventure Time, and how the series animates all creatures and gives them all unique stories. So for this hypothetical movie, I want the tiny underdogs to be seen as the big heroes they are, hence why I drew the worm so large on top of the Earth. The title “Worms”, is drawn to parallel the Batman symbol that is used as a call for help.

I created 3 mock up posters in various locations, one being a subway which I think is best fitting, as the trains go through tunnels underground just like worms do in soil.

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