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For the horror sequence, I wanted to create a story based off of one my fears. And prompted by “Journey to the edge”, I took it literally, and created a short children’s book about a child who falls off the edge of a hole and is stuck there for the rest of his life. It plays off of my fear of being buried alive and no one realizing it or helping me. I chose to use a simple color palette, the color red being prominent as it is really contrasting and I always associate it with horror/bold ideas. I liked the idea that horror can be “cute” or misleading in the beginning, so I chose to use my original characters and a childish art style where you can see the texture clearly. It can also have the opposite affect, and create a creepy feeling since it looks like a child could have written/drawn it, and there are no facial expressions on the figures. I also wrote the manuscript to rhyme, because so many nursery rhymes have morbid meanings and it makes the script flow so well.

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