Core Seminar 3D: Week 2 Project Update

week 2 update:

To be more specific, I chose to create soft accessories that are wearable. After the studio group meeting and talking with my group, I decided to create a more sculptural piece as well. I decided to change a fabric tote bag to a hand bag made of laser cut acrylic sheets. That way I can still incorporate my original plans to use acrylic, but the bag also falls in line with accessories and can be cohesive to the other pieces I make. As of right now, I plan to make a bucket hat and plush doll that can all be displayed/stored inside acrylic bag. Last week I focused on narrowing down a color palette, and concept designs for each piece. After looking on Canal Plastics, I’ve decided to go with a mix of orange, pink, and red acrylics varying in transparency to create the box type bag. To match the bag, I want to create a doll and hat that incorporate the same color scheme by using threads/paints. This coming week, my plan is to visit thrift stores, and fabric stores to choose materials as well as muslin to create prototypes. I will first be focusing on the fabric sewn pieces, as I am not in New York yet to have access to Canal Plastics/Laser Lab.

goals for week 3:

  • gather materials (fabrics – muslin, jersey knit, canvas, pvc)
  • take measurements for all items
  • make paper prototypes of possible bag designs
  • create patterns for sewn items
  • focus on hat/doll construction (save bag for later weeks when in nyc)


I want to make the hat reversible, one side being a painted or embroidered pattern of the original character (not sure of the action or if it will be just a silhouette yet repeated over the area. One side will have a pocket on the front in the shape of the character, unconventional and small but adds to the hat’s “interactiveness”.



I want to create an art doll plush of the original character that can be carried in the bag, or just displayed for aesthetic/collecting purposes. I want it to have weight, and the ability to be posed (sitting, or arms and legs raised/bent possibly) so I want to create a wire armature inside. I also want it to have a weight, so I was thinking of filling it with sand or a heavier poly fill. I am unsure whether or not I want to add detail to the front and back of the figure whether it be facial features or embroidered patterns of some sort.



My goal is to work on the bag mostly when I am in New York, since I will have access to the laser lab and sourcing materials easier. I want to create a structural bag made of colored acrylic sheets. I drew out a possible sketch of the design, where the character is sitting, profile view, and each side is shaped like the character, but the inside is a box as it is easier to assemble/cut. I want the sides to be translucent, so you can see the inside, where the plush or hat can also be stored. For handles I want to use a PVC type fabric so it can rest more comfortable on a shoulder or arm.



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