Core Seminar 3D: Week 5 Project Update

This week I really focused on getting a lot done. I purchased all of my acrylic sheets, (pictured below) and finalized the designs for the bags. I created 9 final files to laser cut, and one test file that included one piece from each file to laser cut into clear acrylic before using the final materials. I submitted the test file and received the pieces back last Thursday, then submitted the rest for cutting, which should be done mid next week! The size and cuts are so precise, and I’m really happy with the physical making progress. I will work on bag straps this week as well.

For symbolism, I decided to opt with no design other than the figure on the anger bag, as I think the body language and color will hopefully convey the emotion clearly. I think adding flame elements would have been too crowded and made it less functional.

This week I plan on creating shot lists for each bag, using different poses, settings, and body language to emphasize/compliment the emotions represented on the 2 bags. So far I have these ideas, if anyone has any other symbols/scenes/poses they relate to sadness or anger I would love to hear them!


Shot list



  • Use of smudged running make up and eyes to show emotion
  • Profile view and eye lines up with tear on bags
  • Body language sad?
  • Crying over split milk
  • On phone pouting bag on side
  • Sunglasses on, on phone looking at bag
  • Scenery of grocery store, comfort foods (ice cream, cakes) you eat when sad, aisles


  • Anger in eyes, brow expressions
  • Bold make up?
  • red outfit
  • hands gripping tightly on either straps, bag, arms together, head/hair
  • arms crossed
  • Home store? Aisle of matches spraypaint etc. revenge?



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