Me + E-me Exercise

The Me + E-me exercise seemed a bit humorous to me initially due to to the unfamiliarity of this project’s requirements. This unusual, yet fun experience forced me to reflect on how my social media built up this online persona of mine that I did not think had been done prior to this activity. While reflecting on my choices I made on posting certain pictures of myself or of places, it made me question the reasoning behind it and if there really was a genuine explanation as to why I posted a selfie or another picture. Before I post a picture, I do think about if a certain picture is “instagram worthy” or what people will think about me when I post it. Therefore, I came to conclusion that I subconsciously am building up this “avatar” that I am presenting to people through my social media. I think that social media is not a reliable source of someone’s character because most people post what they want other people to see and not their true self, which is why I admit to falling victim to this social media syndrome because I do nott reveal everything about myself through my social media.

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