Experiencing Time in Daily Life Reflection

This article talks about time, not in conceptual ways but more of scientific theories. It was interesting to read about time in two different perspectives, prospective and retrospective and how the mind works to process these two functions of time in our every day lives. Looking at time through this mirror process actually made sense of how the mind utilizes things such as temporal relevance and attentional resources to weed out what is more demanding and non demanding. It makes sense that things are shorter in retrospective such as going back a certain route felt shorter and things that are prospective feel longer because after time passes we forget how long it actually was. I also learned that temporal relevance is something that we feel goes higher when things are painful or sad which is why we feel things in prospective takes “longer” in our mind. It’s difficult for people to think about time because it is this omniscient force that is not an obvious factor in our lives that we pay closely attention to.  It is such a phenomenon for scientists to already think this way about time because it is such a complex enigma that it will take forever to understand completely.

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