Sentinel & 2001: Space Odyssey Analysis

The Sentinel and 2001: Space Odyssey are different yet very similar in their own way. They both talk about different remarkable discoveries and landmarks that were stepping stones into learning more about the galactic, vast universe and time. The Sentinel presents time through the evolution of the nature of man and how there is this intelligence that is continually being reached through space discoveries. It is more of a prospective view about how in the future, development of the human intelligence might possibly be destructive specie that will inhabit the Earth. It is more of a warning and idea that there is still no evidence of complete human advancement and there is still more time needed to find this out. The Space Odyssey also represents time through the evolution of man and this remarkable discovery of the moon and its journey to it, but ultimately comes to the conclusion of no evolutionary advancement. There’s this huge journey through space to get to the moon but is overall not successful and there are many mishaps that occur, especially when Hal begins to have a mind of its own. The Space Odyssey presents time as well through the advancements of the development of human intelligence and how far it can go.

The reoccurring theme that is shared between them is this idea of human intelligence and the nature of humanity as time progresses and technology advancements grow rapidly. The Sentinel is more of thinking of the possibilities of what will happen in the future and some sort of warning of how intelligent species will inhabit and take over Earth, yet still is about how will humans advance and will this be beneficial or detrimental. Furthermore, the Space Odyssey is similar in that it questions the advancements of both technology and humanity and how this is beneficial to the world.

The connection between early-human, The Dawn of Man Chapter, and the rest of the film is this idea of nature and human intelligence. In the Dawn of Man, the apes are struggling to have a sense of right and wrong, knowing how to know ways of protecting themselves, feeling empathy, hunting and surviving, and many more. The rest of the film is this space journey and discovery that shows the development and fast paced advancement of human intelligence and if it’s really beneficial. Looking back on the Dawn of Man Chapter, the audience must think that even though humans have evolved greatly, are they actually still savages with just more knowledge/intelligence with an overload of consuming technological advancements that will ultimately destroy human capacity.


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