Bridge 2, Botanical Sculpture

In Tayanc’s sound project, he represents himself through these two characters that are similar, yet different in that one is his present self adjusting to college life and one is his future self visiting him and his new school. His present self talks about how it is difficult for him assimilating into Parsons and it’s high demanding lifestyle.

I chose a square concrete-like vase to contain the plant for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons is that New York is known for being a “concrete jungle”, which means it has all these tall buildings packed together and cement sidewalks that replicate this jungle imagery. The other reason for it being square is to also represent all these high standards projected on him by other fashionable Parsons kids that make him feel “boxed” in and unable to show his individuality.

Moving onto the plant, I chose a small cactus with multiple cacti branching out along with these sprouting pink flowers for his avatar because I believed it best represented his character in his sound piece as well as his vivacious personality and resilience in person. Cacti can survive in very harsh environments and can withstand many types of unfavorable situations. Tayanc represents this because in his sound piece, he talks about how it is really hard for him to adjust to New York’s environment with the strong smells and the students at Parsons that make him feel that he’s not good enough or “fashionable” enough; yet, his other future self says that he’s always been that strong fashionable person who never usually feels intimidated or insecure. This exemplifies his resilience that he has inside that he might not feel now because he’s still adjusting to his new life but will ultimately learn to fight through them and shine.

The black roses surrounding the cactus represents the students at Parsons that he feels intimidated by. I then wrapped wire all around the cactus and connected the wire to the black flowers to symbolize his subconscious continuously being tied to this feeling of wanting to fit in, which ultimately creates this harsher environment for himself that makes him feel almost trapped and suffocated. Further pushing this idea of being trapped, I created a bird cage at the top of the flowers with more wire surrounding the cacti and the flowers.


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