Dream House Response

A couple of my friends and I, who are in this group project together, went to the Dream House so that we could experience the space as well as be blindfolded for our project in our seminar class. Our assignment for our project was to be blinded folded in a public space/art exhibit and the other person would have to explain something in the exhibit in a way that would help a blind person understand what you are describing. When I walked into the room, the first thing I noticed was the strange smell of incense and then of course the most obvious eery blinding neon lights then the deep vibrating sound that resonated all throughout the room and my body. We attempted to blindfold each other and it was really awkward because everyone just kept staring at us and overall was just a very difficult process to do. My friend was trying to describe to me the piece called Colour, or CNN; however, because this exhibit uses a lot of video installation and colors to draw in the audience, it was a struggle to describe to each other things in the exhibit without saying colors or other descriptions that we weren’t allowed to say. My friend accidentally kept describing colors and how the video was of the CNN newscast flipped upside down. We weren’t allowed to do that for the assignment so we ended up just giving up and instead, we decided to walk about the space. The one thing that really caught my attention was how the sound was varying everytime I would moved around. It was like different pitches and vibrations that I thought was really intriguing and phenomenal how they did that and it made it feel like the sound was moving in me and the space as one. In all honesty, I would not go to this exhibit because it was just an overall kind of an uncomfortable experience for me and I started to get really anxious and claustrophobic.

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