Primer Response

This film really showed the complexity of time travel and was very interesting to watch. Through the repeated scenes that showed the future and the past, the ominous music, and the edited scenes that were cut to show distortion, the film conveyed that no matter how much people think that they understand the concepts of time and time travel, there are consequences and unexplained events that occur when time is tampered with. I think that by editing this film in a way to show both characters, Aron and Abe, in their past and preset form, was very interesting. It was like the film was set to portray this loop, or circle, of events that did not exactly work out the way they imagined and came with many consequences, physically and mentally. At first, the concept of time travel in this film was a bit difficult to understand, but I began to understand the flow of the time machine.

This film showed that along with the crave of excitement and determination flowing in their veins that occurs with a monumental discovery like time travel, also comes with a clash of the people involved with this discovery, which inevitably happened with all the characters involved. There still is so much people do not understand about time travel and there still is a long way to go until we even get a little close to discovering all the mysteries about it.

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