Bridge 4 Prototype

My project is a photography series combined with a mixed media of painting where I interview or curate a meeting with Asian women. I am going to ask them a series of questions about their experiences growing up as asian woman, if there were difficulties that made them want to be active participants in this community currently, etc. I either want to create a meeting with Asian women where we can all freely talk about our experiences and issues within the community or I might just interview and choose Asian women who I know to be participants in this project. After I get either 3 or 4 girls who have strong stories and all relate and work together, I want to photograph them individually and possibly collectively in one photo. I am planning on printing them out in a large scale format and will also ask them to paint abstract strokes onto their own photos of themselves, even if they do not ordinarily paint or draw. This will bring the social engaging aspect into this project that allows the participants to be part of the development process. After that step, I am going to put them up in public areas, such as the subway or market and see the reaction that it gets from other people.

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