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This Asian American community to me is something that I want to address because of personal issues as well as struggles in the past. This community is not as powerful as the African American community and others, however I believe that it deserves attention. No matter what, I feel like Asians will always be stereotyped and put into certain categories the way that other various races are also categorized in their own way. Even though in today’s society, people are evolving and more races are being involved in commercial ways and trying to stray away from white supremacy and ideals. However, why is it that the asian person is still categorized, for example on TV or in movies, as the “smart” one or the one who can’t get girls or something. It just is an issue that would always make me question my worth. I did not understand how the root of my insecurity came from race and why it was such a big issue. I want to maybe use either photography/mixed media such as painting or digital media like graphic design. I think that photography would be a very strong and clear way to emphasize how I am feeling and how I want the Asian American community to be viewed. I am in control very easily with photography with how I want this community to be portrayed and I think that because illustration is my strong suit, I might be able to further communicate these ideas through mixed media of painting/drawing/graphic design combined with photography.

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