Symbolic Ecology: My Euphoria

“What do I have in my life that is the most meaningful to me?” I questioned, as I began brainstorming–searching for the answer. I reflected and realized that those fleeting moments of happiness are what genuinely means the most to me, specifically when my time is spent with people who fill my life with immense joy and gratitude. I decided that I would use a variety of my film photography, as well as a couple of my friend’s film photography, which she allowed me to use for this project. I desired to use photographs of my friends and family during various occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other places around New York because those were special moments in my life that I fully cherished. Further exploring my decision, I chose photographs that conveyed the language of love and the pure glee I felt in encapsulating those moments.

My symbolic ecology is consisted of my family and friends because they are very important aspects in my life. Without my family and their unconditional support and love, I would not be the person I am today. They have been there for me through thick and thin and words could never communicate this unfathomable gratitude I have for them. After moving to New York, I crossed paths with new people, as well as former friends, and luckily developed an unbreakable bond with all of them. The reason I chose film photography is that it goes along with my idea of capturing ephemeral moments and portraying natural states of happiness in comfortable environments, which I believe best expresses my symbolic ecology.

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