Exhibition Analysis

Scale plays a crucial part in the concept of a piece. In Leon Golub: Raw Nerve exhibit, his large scale paintings on fabric allowed me to be engulfed into his art and see all the intimate details in his dry brush strokes and other details in the painting that you would not be able to clearly see if it were on a smaller scale. The commentaries/depiction of civil unrest and ideologies of life/death were so powerfully evoked due to large scale and stood out to me the most compared to smaller, more intimate scale pieces. In Like Life: Sculpture, Color, and Body, scale also played an important role. For example, the two sculptures that I drew were relatively the same size as a regular human being, which allowed the concept of the piece speak louder than it would small scale. You could see the details in the hands and wrinkles on the faces and it felt as if the old women were real, standing right in front of me and having a conversation. The femme fatale sculpture by Max Klinger was large in size, sitting atop a grandeur pedestal. I felt as if she was looking down at me, piercing me with her amber dead eyes. Because of its large scale, it allowed me to understand the biblical concept of the “deadly femininity” that Klinger was portraying through this sculpture more clearly and I even felt as if I was being “turned into stone”.

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