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Her name is Nina/Alex(“Whatever you wanna call” she said). I met this cool girl in Washington square park. I asked her if it is fine to take a photo and started to make a conversation with her. Nina lives in upper side of Manhattan. She was displaying her painting on the street which caught my eyes. It was colorful and street-artistic. I felt kind of freedom through her arts. She said she paints everywhere in her room and that presents her mental statement. She was with small hotdog-like dog name Dax. She said she has been coming to this park almost every week with him. She gets inspiration from her feelings of the day. Nina had learned her painting styles from the compilation of other people so that she felt like others when she looks at her paintings. Her parents are both photographers. She said it might be influenced her but she doesn’t know that much about their jobs.
Nina was free from the body politic. Her face was painted with vivid colors like a clown by herself and she said she does not care others eyes. She made her own individuality which collapses general notion of beauty. I was agonizing about choosing this theme ‘Body Politic/Politics of body’ because I thought it would be hard and limited to find on the streets or connect ideas easily. But It was lucky to meet Nina.



Aesthetic of Uniformity. It makes trend also. I took this photo in Oculus on my way home. I always see military officers and their uniforms, especially military boots give me great inspiration. Those are really polished. Their way of walking is also identical. It strongly reminds me of my topic ‘Politics of body/Body politics’. Like military or any group which is related to safety, I think unity and restriction on the body are necessary. I think there is a beauty inside of that conformity. The “Camouflage” pattern of the military uniform is to protect from an enemy but it now becomes a part of the trend that we call “Military look”. Boots also. Many hip-hop celebrities wear it and some designers are reinterpreting the military boots. These days we tend to be pessimistic about body politic. But there could be some aesthetic inside it and we should appreciate the need for it.


 Wales Bonner

The video of fashion show was taken in black fashion designer exhibition in The Museum of FIT. These days, I have been so into Grace Wales Bonner, who won the prestigious LVMH prize last year. This video caught my eyes absolutely. Even, It made me to appreciate the exhibition closely suddenly. Wales Bonner’s collection is full of black models which is extraordinary in this industry where there are full of white models. Her theme of the show was about breaking the stereotype of people’s notion about black men which is street-style and far from neat looking. She had rendered a refined and high class looking black men in her show. There was also androgynous feeling.


 Many a mickle makes a muckle

 In Cooper-Hewitt museum, there was an exhibition called Scraps. Scraps are often treated as non-valuable tissues, but some people were using it in making creative and renewable work. “Jamdani” is India’s famous scrap series that people can access it easily. People are using it in making embroidery or many other hand works and produce various kinds of new garments. Christina Kim, a women’s wear designer of brand “Dosa” presented her collection by using Jamdani. She enhanced the pieces by developing through various handworks and made the variety of garments. “Jamdani” can be reproduced up to the third generation which is very cost effective and practical. The small pieces are being gathered together and be made into new clothes. If there is only one scrap, it might be needless. It applied to human society also. Gathering together usually makes more power and energy.


The importance of the Surrounding

We are what we see and hear. The environment is very important. I took this photo on my way to school in the morning. For me, it is hard to find something when I propose to find something. I mean it is good to find things like this eventually. There was a flower between litter on the street. It was coincidentally high above other wastes. I was thinking that what if that flower was in a room with other fancy things. However, it is now just a trash. Then again, it may not be a trash. It might be a flower ornament which had been existed before who threw those things away. Like this way, we usually perceive things or people by their surrounding. I am not saying that it is bad. And actually, we are also changed by our surrounding like what we see and hear or whom we meet. We naturally make an in-group and transform or fit ourselves according to what those surrounding people say appropriately. Our inherent notion controls our ways of seeing and what makes the notion is our surrounding. Ultimately, the surrounding controls our body.



This is the 17 Spring/Summer collection board from Vetements. Vetements is the most popular and iconic fashion house these days that no one doubt. The director Demna Vsalia  re-popularized the oversized clothings and unisex clothings which inspired other brands also. They are also casting a non model people in runways which is unusual. What I am curious about their brand is the pricing. Who is pricing their garments? Why are they pricing their garment in that high price? How come the hoodies are over $1000? How are those products are even sold out? Why the consumers are being seduced? I think they are marketing very well not loudly. They are also collaborating with so many brands like Levis, Champion, Manoloblahnik, Churchs etc. The house kind of break the formal meaning of collection and continously put out the products. They are making the brand name popular but that could no make the price of hoodie $1000. The market in the present age is highly unreasonable and non-sense. Vetements is not using  high quality fabrics or high degree of skill in the manufaturing. Of course it is public’s choice to buy or not, but I think those influencial designers like Demna or any other public figures who shape the trend should be more responsible about their product. The society should not give a big spotlight to those unreasonable and bubble products.

 Red Roses

Who threw away the red roses? It is so lucky to find this scene in New York. The red roses were thrown away in the public phone booth. I  don’t know who did or even it was thrown away but this made my day. The flowers are regarded as a beautiful and there are also varies flower language.




Special collection from FIT Museum. The Left one is French document about the clothing declaration. Decret of the National Convention on Clothes of both sexes (1793). It is a copy of the decree of the National Convention on Clothes of both sexes published in 1793. This decree is the revolutionary affirmation that everyone can wear the clothes he wishes. It is interesting that the government restricted the clothing.  



Magazines are like fashion bible which comes out every month. All the trends and what people call ‘hip’ things are shown through magazines. I am not the person who’s buying the magazines because the well-known pieces like Vogue, Bazaar, Elle etc. are really boring and tedious. But these days there are young labels which comes out twice a year like reedition or Purple magazines which contains creative works.




These are the piles of leather pieces from fabric store in midtown. The owner of the store was saying that they are offering those fabrics in great deal right now and wheedled me to buy it. These days, many institutions are telling students not to use real leathers and educating about the ethical fashion. I was quite interested in genuine leather clothes but  But the owner of the store said that many companies already bought those leathers and enticed me.  As she said, there are many fashion brands using real leathers. It means that many people are consuming the real leather clothings. I was thinking about why people cannot give up the real leather clothings and this is my conclusion. People feel some kind of previlege when they wear those animals on their shoulder. In the past, people wore leathers to protect themselves from the hazard environment. But now it is 21c and we have many choices in dressing. Some might say that it is their free will to wear what they want but I want to say that if we have a choice, our choice should be considerate and ethical. We should think about the animal’s life and environment as well as ourselves.



Rei Kawakubo’s Wedding dress




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