Deconstructing MY Design Process

This fashion design illustration was drawn in 2015  for my portfolio to apply Parsons School of design. As I was applying for fashion major, I had submitted fashion design illustrations and it was also my first experience.


I was inspired by shape of spiral and vivid colors from this stairs. I searched photos in Pinterest to get inspiration for my designs.

This was related image of above one and it is also a spiral of stairs veiwing from above.

This is organized inspiration board. I arranged selective images which mainly inspire the texture and form of collection. I made 8 groups of illustration during preparation  and this was second part.

It was drawn by pencil and painted by gauche. I always make enough color palettes before move on to real coloring(no photos).

I used color pencil especially black and dark brown to correct the edges.

These are first sketches which was made after inspiration board. I chose the season first and start sketching.

If one design idea came up, I tried to make a similar version of it.

I finally selected four designs and chose hair style and faces. Also, First trial for coloring and pose of model.

These are fabric swatches that I collected from garment stores in Korea. For #3, I painted on denim fabric to make it look like washed.

This is final illustration piece. I made a decision for the sequence. Generally, the main design goes to the finale or before last. But this was very small group (4 pieces) so it was not important that much but last piece was my main one.

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