Bridge 5: Reflection

In seminar class, I was focusing on the relationship between the cultural background (Confucianism) and the stereotypical gender roles in Korea. For design project, I concentrated on the men and women’s equality as a human being. The research in Seminar was framing the project in a bigger way and gave me a guideline to approach for the design project. The thesis statement was more concentrating on the Confucianism and gender inequality, but for the design project, I didn’t want to make it limited to “Korean” so that I brought the upper concept which is gender differentiation and wanted to harmonize the differentiation through a garment. When I was thinking about the men and women’s distinction in research, I believed that the clothing is the most general division between both genders, so I chose a garment as a medium to show my idea in the design project.

As my final piece for design project was a garment, I was inspired by the conceptual ideas during research. Specifically, when I was collecting the fabric swatches, I was inspired by the Korean traditional clothing that I searched for the Confucianism culture. The men and women’s different clothing style and details like collars or button holes were also the factors that made me consider in design.

If I could continue the research, I would like to investigate about the Western’s gender stereotypical roles also. The cultural background which affects the stereotypical gender roles in the United States will be a challenge for me to observe. Moreover, I was researching in women’s point of view, but these days, reverse discrimination is rising as a new problem. I want to study about the current gender roles in men’s view point additionally. Lastly, I surmise that there are similar factors in stereotypical gender roles in East and West classics and current era. I want to compare and contrast those cultures, and it will be an extensive research.




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