Bruce Nauman Disappearing Acts

       The Bruce Nauman’s show Disappearing Acts at MOMA is a conglomerate of the artists’ work. The mediums range from sculpture, light design to 2-d works curated throughout the gallery. The artist creates work depicting how he interprets the environment. On the piece to the right Nauman creates waves and a ground line by using graphite. He is interpreting the sound waves around him. This reveals that the artist might have synesthesia. Synesthesia is the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body. He using what he hears to create an image. The hint of synesthesia starts when you enter the gallery. The room is filled with noise and flooded with white boxes that are saying the days of the weak. Walking through I felt like I was following sound waves and this caused me to move around the room. In my mind I was creating a map of my movements.

      My favorite part of Nauman’s show was his sculpture work. His sculptures were very architectural. Most pieces had a perspective drawing to go along with the sculpture. This stuck out to me because as a future architecture major. His perspective drawings looked like something out of my own sketchbook. The models were well crafted, and intentionally had hidden elements in them to go along with the disappearing aspect of his theme. I admire the nod to architecture in his work, some people debate whether architecture is art or not, Nauman proves that it can be. His sculpture work also consisted of abstract pieces that were far from architectural structures. His sculpture with the hanging chairs drew me in immediately. The chairs were brightly colored and suspended from the ceiling In addition a dining room table was also suspended from the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what the artist message was with this piece, however it was great to look at. This piece gave off a surreal feeling and it made me thinking about eating dinner while floating in midair.

       Nauman’s work with neon was the highlight to many people walking through the gallery. A group of people crowded around Nauman’s neon word wall. The lights would alternate one at a time and randomly light up all at once. This piece was an attention grabber. The colors are vibrant and when the entire piece is lit the color of the room shifts to a subtle red. Throughout the gallery Nauman uses text as a subject to deliver cryptic messages. Nauman continues to play with neon in the his green lamp that has a drawing next to it. These works were great for photographs. I posted them on my Instagram story and a bunch of friends asked me where I was.

      Overall Nauman Works across a vast number of mediums. His work reveals that he thought much about the constructed environment. This is seen in his architecture sculptures, His furniture pieces and the lighting design. He also cared a lot about how sound infiltrates space. His neon pieces reminded of the photography and video work I do. In my photography and video I always try to capture neon lights with my model. As I was viewing his neon pieces, I was thinking that they would be awesome parts of a photoshoot.

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