Sustainable Systems – UN Trip

Our trip to the UN was a great experience. Upon arrival we all were asked to line up outside and go in one at a time. We had to check in through security.  Entering the building we were directed to go to the auditorium. We entered a huge chamber with lots of seats organized radially. The main speaker would be in the middle. The room was very loud at first. All the students were talking, everyone was excited or very tired. The first speaker was Joel Towers, he introduced the history of sustainability and design. The first speaker was the ambassador from Denmark. He began showing us amazing building designs that were made in order to help the environment rather than feed off of it. In addition he talked about many people including himself, biking to work and school. his talk was inspiring, as a future architect the building designs were the highlight of the speech , He stated that green technology and green architecture is an investment that will pay off long term. I used this part of the speech as a basis of my tool kit. After his speech was done, the floor was open for a Q&A. I won’t mention names but the person next to me asked the Ambassador a question wearing a panda hat. It was projected on the screen and the entire room bursted out laughing. It was very funny, the question was sophisticated, however I forgot about the conversation due to the hat (the cover image). After other guest speakers came up. They talked about copper being a staple in sustainability. Every Iphone uses copper in order to have a rechargeable battery and without this metal we would be wasting and enormous amount of materials and electricity. We talked about waste involved with fast fashion. H&M has 4.3 billion unsold clothing items each year and the product isn’t reused. Overall the trip was eye opening and being in the environment made me realize the importance of sustainable systems as a class, I will be a conscious designer and architect.

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