Book Project


The inspiration for my project was food and different eatery places. I decided to do this theme for my project because I was sipping on my coffee while deciding my “topic” and I’ve realized that there are a lot of eatery places in Manhattan that I know and that I want to discover, plus I am a “food fan” myself. I decided to design a little book/booklet from two ideas that I had and eventually I sticked to one of my first ideas;  create a collection of pictures of food and a place where the food comes from, to create a little NYC ‘food guide’. I discovered cafeterias around Union Square and West Village areas, and took pictures whatever I’ve tried at the place. Every time i see my booklet now I have a great and delicious memories.

img_2409 img_2471 img_2475 img_2479 img_2491 img_2499 img_2519 img_2521 img_2526 img_2536

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