Eva Smorodina


Sustainable Systems (LS)


  • Before I took this class and read about Long Life design, I have never even heard of it. In my opinion the most important criteria probably function because if the function not served that means it’s useless. Criteria is innovative because they all let design be unique and let it last. My question is who decides the best criteria.
  • The object that been designed in my country over 50 years is ‘samovar’ it is huge sort of tea pot that people always used to drink tea. It is big enough for the family abound 10-15 people and very useful in the winter time. Nowadays we don’t use them much because now we have all this updated technology in our world, so you can find samovar probably only in some poor, little villages around Russia. The best part about samovar is that you don’t need electricity to use it and it keeps the tea hot for more than 12 hours. The design is more simple and practical than fancy, but equally appealing in my opinion.
  • Anthropocene is a process of how we humans effect and shape the world around us especially environment with our actions. We created the damage in a very short amount of time, comparing to how much earth been existing before humans appeared. In Russia I know in fact that we use a lot of gas resources because that is the biggest source of energy that we have, use and distribute around the world, so now we trying to find other resources so we don’t run out of what we have.



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