Week 4

Sustainable systems LS

Eva Smorodina


After his visit I’ve learn how many things u can do from already existing objects. I think it is interesting how he uses all sorts of materials like old couch leather or chicken feathers to produce something new. He gave inspirational talk that made me think how I can reuse things that I have at home.



What California’s Dam Crisis Says About the Changing Climate


This article touches serious topic about droughts and floods in California. Last few years California had a lot of drought that caused wet winters that led to upgrade of water management systems. The water generation was old and couldn’t resist floods. This winter with the shift of rain compare to snow leads managers release water more frequently this winter due to flood control. The storms are warm and they bring more rain in the mountain speeding up the rivers flow and over load. This unstable weather because of climate change ruins life for many and it get worse every year.

Unfortunately natural disasters are the hardest things to deal with but I hope that our generation will be able to come up with something that would help reduce our risks or save planet.



  • Yes, because unfortunately nowadays mass production crates a lot of issues already, we have problems meaning we need to change our way of doing things meaning find a new way.
  • His designs before were very detailed and had a lot of materials used

to decorate it plus they are pricy; but when he saw one of his products were thrown away he realized that to create something new he needs to get read of old.

  • I think that yes, if the project takes more resources to repair it, there is no point to waste materials for that and it is easier and makes more sense to create new.
  • Materials that could be returned could be thread and wire maybe.



Week 4 Repair Project


  1. I think I am going to repair my table lamp. It has one part that fell out and got lost so the whole thing is unstable and leaning on the side. I can still use the lamp but its is not 100% comfortable, so I think ow that I have to do this project it’s a good opportunity for me to fix the lamp.
  2. One of the ways that I can fix the lamps is buy using a glue or glue tag to attach parts together but I think it might not last long because glue tag I not that that strong and speaking of glue gun or any other good glue I think it might work well but it will stop lamp from moving at all.

My other plan is too try to fix with wire and create similar shape of support that is on the other side of the lamp.

I think that I might use both glue and wire, glue gun for the bottom and wire for the top part. I do have skills with glue and wire so I think I can try it!

  1. First of all I’m going to try glue tag connect the top part with the base/main part.

Then I will try wire connect top part; finally, I’ll try both together.

I think that repairing might take 15 minutes in fact it took me 20 minutes because I had to fix wire more than once to make sure it’s right length and stable enough.



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