Week 5 UN + Repair Part 2

Week 5 UN + Repair Part 2

Eva Smorodina

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Week 5 UN + Repair Part 2


What did you think of your visit to the UN? Which speaker did you find the most inspiring and why?

I really enjoyed my visit to the UN, and my favorite speaker was the second guy Fillip I believe. I think he was inspiring because of how much afford he puts into nowadays problems and how interested he is; moreover, he encourages young generations to do the same thing.


2) Read the following three articles. What do you think of these approaches to repair?


– Would you like to visit a repair cafe? Why do you think so many people are interested in repair?


I think I would want to visit this café as I am interested to see the process of repair.


– Would you like to see this kind of tax be possible in your home country? Do you think it is possible there or the United States? Why or why not?


Yes because I think the idea very appropriate and discussible nowadays , also people can really take advantage of repairing old things to save.


– Were you surprised by this article? Do you agree with the author? Do you think an object has to be expensive to be well made? What might make people take care of objects, even if they aren’t expensive?


I was not surprised because this is how everything works the more money you invest in something the better quality you get. Good products always have higher prize because of the process how it was made an what martials were used to create it. Personal designs are very relevant because personal is something unique that was made only for you so I think people would treat it with special care.

No, I’m not surprised by this article because I knew that if you spend a lot =


3)  step 4



Step 5: Does it work?


Was the repair successful?


Are you happy with the results?

I am because it is first time I am repairing something, plus now I have fix lamp!

Step 6: Analyze and Draw Conclusions

What did you learn?

I think I learnt that I can fix some things myself without paying money or buying something new.

How long do you expect this repair to actually last?

It can last pretty long I hope, the glue tag and the wire worked pretty well.

What surprises did you encounter?

That glue tag would actually hold well the whole main part and balance it out.

What would you do differently next time?

Maybe I would research different kind of glue tags to use or I would use different wire.

After completing this project, do you consider repair a more valuable skill?

For sure I feel much better repairing something myself, I think I did a good thing by wasting less materials and money.


Step 7: Communicate Results



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