Week 6 Homework, Due March 9th

Eva Smorodina

Sustainable Systems LS

Week 6 Homework, Due March 9th


1) Visit website

2) I live next to zone 6 – no evacuation order currently in effect

3) It is surprising that if natural disaster will occur that specifically areas will be in risk more than others, I would never think so before.

4) I don’t think I am, and now I feel like I have to change something and take it more serious, I think I need a bag with different life saving equipment needed like water, medicine, band aids, snack, lighter etc.

5) Designers should inspire us as customers to use better produces and remind us of importance of it, I think that is actually one of the roles of their profession.

I believe I had since I was 3 and I still have this toy that was made only from cotton, organic and other reusable things, and I always thought of it as something environmentally friendly and special.


6) Elephants from Savanna were totally wiped out since 2013 by human beings for out benefit, that’s terrible.

7) US Alligator was recovered in 1987, we harm natural and living things around us a lot, now when we already harmed we start to realize what we did and how to fix it.

8) I think this page simply suggest that we have to reuse things and make less waste.

9) I think the website is very attracting because it is interesting how you can play around with it and easily find information.

10) My design is focused specifically on China, it’s the first idea that came to me because I remember I read an article how they use dogs for street food, and homeless dogs instead of get safe shelters are killed for food, the worst part is that people also don’t know that they eat dogs’ meat.


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