Week 7: Zone walk and final project

Week 7: Zone walk and final project

For this project we had to walk through zones 5,2, 4 and 6 which all were located where I live around midtown east. All those zones has different levels of hurricane harm, from zone 5 starting at 55th street finishing zone 6 on 48th street.


– How does having an awareness of evacuation zones change the way you experience your walk and the area around Parsons?

The midtown east area is not as new as Parsons area, I noticed that midtown east doesn’t have sky scrapers and its not very renovated, I think if there is a hurricane the zones that I explored need to be prepared more.

– What areas appear to be vulnerable to storm surge, if any?

West village and Chelsea seem to be vulnerable to the storm surges there for the whole structure of the area is no tall buildings and more town houses.

– Do any buildings/infrastructures look more prepared for the next storm — how?

Some apartment buildings looked more prepares then others just because they were newer and renovated.

– Are any effects of Hurricane Sandy visible?

No, because everything is fixed by now.

– Choose one zone (1-6) as your focus. What is a design idea you have that would communicate/show people what zone they inhabit? What kind of tool, device or signage would you make? Include a list of 3-5 challenges you would face in implementing this project in NYC (think about the resiliency of materials, language issues, access to information, visibility during different times of a day or during storms, diversity of public etc.).

I chose zone 5 because even thought it has town houses and good structure, some building seems to be old and not taken good care of. The other reason is also because there are few tall apartment buildings with a lot of glass windows that might break in case. To spread awareness I would make a poster or but up a banner that would explain the situation and would show the evacuation presidures. This needs to be hanged around zone 5 in stores and working or apartment buildings.


2) It’s time to start thinking about your final project idea (see full project description herePreview the documentView in a new window). Post three final project ideas + sketches on your LP AND bring your sheet with your three ideas and sketches to class next week, ready to share with your classmates and turn into me.


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