Final Project

Final Project

1) What will you make and why?

I am going to make little shelve from food containers to keep different things. That way I will save money on buying new jewelry box for example as well as I will help with all the waste created but thrown away containers.

2) In what ways will this object be useful to YOU over 50 years of change?

Things like boxes and containers are always helpful to have, especially those that are long lasting and portable.

3) What specific event(s) of environmental change will it help you navigate?

Environmental harmful waste, there a lot of useful things and materials been thrown away for no reason.

4) How will it be resilient (use of materials, used in more than one way etc.) and/or encourage social resiliency through its usage ?

The reminder will be made by wood and glass, which can be written and erase on it. Different styles of paper can be placed in the slot of the object, which provide different kinds of feelings. The paper could be reusable since we don’t actually write on it.

5) Is it designed for a particular place? 

It’s designed for everyone and any country.

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