6b FINAL PROJECT proposals

6b FINAL PROJECT proposals


In this room I want to show a general idea of global warming and how it influences the world around us.  My idea is to create or buy a big tub that would contain ice representing the icebergs that is melting and increasing the sea level producing floods in such places as Florida. The room needs to constantly be cold to keep the ice. There would be located a heater or lamp to change the temperature above or below the tub and on the ice there would be a model of continents that visitor can put on the surface of an ice for experiment. As soon as the heater goes on the ice will melt and the continent will sink down. Then when the heater goes off the tub will cool down and the ice will freeze again, so the experiment can be repeated.


Collage Wall

For this exhibition I would create a collage made of pictures of polluted areas and places that I would take around Manhattan, also I would collect some objects/ materials (e.g. garments, plastic etc.) and add it next to the pictures on the wall to show people what happens to object when they are thrown away irresponsibly or recycled not properly. Pollution is one of those factors that cause global warming, therefore those images and details will portray the real problem and give people a bigger picture of an issue.



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